New developments on the Geometric Nonholonomic Integrator

In this paper, we will discuss new developments regarding the Geometric Nonholonomic Integrator (GNI) [13, 14]. GNI is a discretization scheme adapted to nonholonomic mechanical systems through a discrete geometric approach. This method was designed to account for some of the special geometric structures associated to a nonholonomic motion like preservation of energy, preservation of constraints or the nonholonomic momentum equation. In this paper, we generalize the proposed method to nonholonomic reduced systems, an important subclass of examples in nonholonomic dynamics. Moreover, we construct an extension of the GNI in the case of affine constraints. We illustrate the behavior of the proposed method with an example.

New developments on the Geometric Nonholonomic Integrator
Sebastián Ferraro, Fernando Jiménez, David Martín de Diego
Preprint Arxiv