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New developments on the Geometric Nonholonomic Integrator, Sebastián Ferraro, Fernando Jiménez, David Martín de Diego

Examples of compact K-contact manifolds with no Sasakian metric, Beniamino Cappelletti-Montano, Antonio de Nicola, Juan Carlos Marrero, Ivan Yudin

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Year: 2013
Paper Authors Journal Pages Volume URL
Unified formalism for the generalized kth-order Hamilton-Jacobi problem Leonardo Colombo, Manuel de León, Pedro Daniel Prieto-Martínez, Narciso Román-Roy Preprint Arxiv paper
Circle actions and geometric quantization Romero Solha ArXiv preprint paper
A class of Finsler surfaces whose geodesics are circles M. Crampin, T. Mestdag Arxiv paper
Reduction of polysymplectic manifolds Juan Carlos Marrero, Narciso Román-Roy, Modesto Salgado, Silvia Vilariño Preprint paper
A singular initial-boundary value problem for nonlinear wave equations and holography in asymptotically anti-de Sitter spaces Alberto Enciso, Niky Kamran Preprint Arxiv paper
Tensorial description of quantum mechanics J. Clemente-Gallardo, G. Marmo ArXiv preprint paper
Homotopy moment maps Yael Fregier, Christopher L. Rogers, Marco Zambon Arxiv paper
Higher-order discrete variational problems with constraints Leonardo Colombo, David Martín de Diego, Marcela Zuccalli Submit to J. Math Phy paper
The Ehrenfest picture and the geometry of Quantum Mechanics J. Clemente-Gallardo, G. Marmo Arxiv paper
On quantum deformations of (anti-)de Sitter algebras in (2+1) dimensions Angel Ballesteros, Francisco J. Herranz, Fabio Musso 3Quantum: Algebra, Geometry, Information paper
Lie-Hamilton systems on the plane: properties, classification and applications A. Ballesteros, A. Blasco, F.J. Herranz, J. de Lucas, C. Sardón Preprint Arxiv paper
Tying knots in light fields Hridesh Kedia, Iwo Bialynicki-Birula, Daniel Peralta-Salas, William T.M. Irvine ArXiv preprint paper
Hamilton-Jacobi theory in k-cosymplectic field theories M. de León, S. Vilariño Arxiv paper
Hard Lefschetz theorem for Sasakian manifolds Beniamino Cappelletti Montano, Antonio De Nicola, Ivan Yudin Preprint paper
Distributed convergence to Nash equilibria in two-network zero-sum games Bahman Gharesifard, Jorge Cortes ArXiv preprint paper
Stability of Hamiltonian relative equilibria in symmetric magnetically confined rigid bodies Lyudmila Grigoryeva, Juan-Pablo Ortega, Stanislav Zub Preprint Arxiv paper
Semiclassical quantization and spectral limits of h-pseudodifferential and Berezin-Toeplitz operators Álvaro Pelayo, Leonid Polterovich, San Vũ Ngoc ArXiv preprint paper
Hyperstructures on Lie algebroids P. Antunes, J. M. Nunes da Costa Arxiv paper
Convex bodies of states and maps Janusz Grabowski, Alberto Ibort, Marek Kus, Giuseppe Marmo Arxiv paper
Distributed continuous-time convex optimization on weight-balanced digraphs Bahman Gharesifard, Jorge Cortes ArXiv preprint paper
Examples of compact K-contact manifolds with no Sasakian metric Beniamino Cappelletti-Montano, Antonio de Nicola, Juan Carlos Marrero, Ivan Yudin Preprint Arxiv paper
A preliminary univalent formalization of the p-adic numbers Álvaro Pelayo, Vladimir Voevodsky, Michael A. Warren ArXiv preprint paper
Superintegrable quantum oscillator and Kepler-Coulomb systems on curved spaces Angel Ballesteros, Alberto Enciso, Francisco J. Herranz, Orlando Ragnisco, Danilo Riglioni The XXIX International Colloquium on Group-Theoretical Methods in Physics", August 20-26, 2012, Chern Institute of Mathematics, Tianjin, China. Nankai Series in Pure, Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Chengming Bai paper
Non-existence of an invariant measure for a homogeneous ellipsoid rolling on the plane Luis C. García-Naranjo, Juan C. Marrero Preprint paper
Hilbert forms for a Finsler metrizable projective class of sprays M. Crampin, T. Mestdag, D. J. Saunders ArXiv preprint paper
New developments on the Geometric Nonholonomic Integrator Sebastián Ferraro, Fernando Jiménez, David Martín de Diego Preprint Arxiv paper
Semiclassical inverse spectral theory for singularities of focus-focus type Álvaro Pelayo, San Vũ Ngoc ArXiv preprint paper
Unified formalism for higher-order variational problems and its applications in optimal control Leonardo Colombo, Pedro D. Prieto-Martínez Arxiv paper
A generalization of Szebehely's inverse problem of dynamics W. Sarlet, T. Mestdag, G. Prince Rep. Math. Phys, paper
Reduction of Lie--Jordan algebras: Quantum F. Falceto, L. Ferro, A. Ibort, G. Marmo Il Nuovo Cimento 107-115 C 36 03 paper
Geometric Quantization of real polarizations via sheaves Eva Miranda, Francisco Presas ArXiv preprint paper
Voevodsky's Univalence Axiom in homotopy type theory Steve Awodey, Álvaro Pelayo, Michael A. Warren Notices of the American Mathematical Society paper
Relative Geodesics in the Special Euclidean Group Darryl D. Holm, Lyle Noakes, Joris Vankerschaver Arxiv paper
Cartan algorithm and Dirac constraints for Griffiths variational problems Hernán Cendra, Santiago Capriotti Preprint Arxiv paper
Symplectic spectral geometry of semiclassical operators Álvaro Pelayo Bulletin of the Belgian Mathematical Society paper
A survey on cosymplectic geometry Beniamino Cappelletti Montano, Antonio De Nicola, Ivan Yudin Arxiv paper
Groupoids and the tomographic picture of quantum mechanics A. Ibort, V.I. Manko, G. Marmo, A. Simoni, C. Stornaiolo Preprint Arxiv paper
Miura Reciprocal transformation for two integrable hierarchies in 1+1 dimensions P. G. Estevez, C. Sardon ArXiv preprint paper
A quasi--Lie schemes approach to second-order Gambier equations J.F. Cariñena, P. Guha, J. de Lucas ArXiv preprint paper
Dirac--Lie systems and Schwarzian equations J.F. Cariñena, J. Grabowski, J. de Lucas, C. Sardón Arxiv paper
Geometric Hamilton-Jacobi theory for higher-order autonomous systems Leonardo Colombo, Manuel de León, Pedro Daniel Prieto-Martínez, Narciso Román-Roy Preprint Arxiv paper
Drinfel'd doubles for (2+1)-gravity Angel Ballesteros, Francisco J. Herranz, Catherine Meusburger ArXiv preprint paper
Lagrangian mechanics on centered semi-direct product Leonardo J. Colombo, Henry O. Jacobs ArXiv preprint paper
The anisotropic Higgs oscillator on the two-dimensional sphere and the hyperbolic plane Angel Ballesteros, Francisco J. Herranz, Fabio Musso ArXiv preprint paper
From constants of motion to superposition rules for Lie-Hamilton systems A. Ballesteros, J.F. Cariñena, F.J. Herranz, J. de Lucas, C. Sardón Arxiv paper
Toric actions on b-symplectic manifolds Victor Guillemin, Eva Miranda, Ana Rita Pires, Geoffrey Scott Preprint Arxiv paper
The Jacobiator of nonholonomic systems and the geometry of reduced nonholonomic brackets P. Balseiro ArXiv preprint paper
The local description of discrete Mechanics Juan Carlos Marrero, David Martín de Diego, Eduardo Martínez ArXiv preprint paper
Sharp symplectic embeddings of cylinders Álvaro Pelayo, San Vũ Ngoc Arxiv paper
Self-adjoint extensions of the Laplace-Beltrami operator and unitaries at the boundary Alberto Ibort, Fernando LLedó, Juan Manuel Pérez-Pardo Preprint Arxiv paper
Coupling symmetries with Poisson structures Camille Laurent-Gengoux, Eva Miranda ArXiv preprint paper
Higher-order superintegrability of separable potentials with a new approach to the Post-Winternitz system Manuel F. Rañada J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 125206 46 paper
The generalized Euler-Poinsot rigid body equations: explicit elliptic solutions Yuri N. Fedorov, Andrzej J. Maciejewski, Maria Przybylska Arxiv paper
An integer optimization problem for non-Hamiltonian periodic flows Álvaro Pelayo, Silvia Sabatini Preprint Arxiv paper
Realization of associative products in terms of Moyal and tomographic symbols A. Ibort, V. I. Man'ko, G. Marmo, A. Simoni, C. Stornaiolo, F. Ventriglia ArXiv preprint paper
Canonoid transformations and master symmetries José F. Cariñena, Fernando Falceto, Manuel F. Rañada ArXiv preprint paper
The affine invariant of generalized semitoric systems Álvaro Pelayo, Tudor S. Ratiu, San Vũ Ngoc Preprint Arxiv paper
Null Phase Curves and Manifolds in Geometric Phase Theory S. Chaturvedi, E. Ercolessi, G. Morandi, A. Ibort, G. Marmo, N. Mukunda, R. Simon ArXiv preprint paper
Simultaneous deformations of algebras and morphisms via derived brackets Yael Fregier, Marco Zambon ArXiv preprint paper
Gradient dynamical systems on open surfaces and critical points of Green's functions Alberto Enciso, Daniel Peralta-Salas Arxiv paper
Nijenhuis forms on $L_\infty$-algebras M. J. Azimi, C. Laurent-Gengoux, J. M. Nunes da Costa Preprint Arxiv paper
The inhomogeneous Suslov problem Luis C. García-Naranjo, Andrzej J. Maciejewski, Juan C. Marrero, Maria Przybylska Preprint Arxiv paper
On a Poincaré lemma for singular foliations and geometric quantization Eva Miranda, Romero Solha Foliations 2012 Proceedings paper
Unimodularity and preservation of volumes in nonholonomic mechanics Yuri N. Fedorov, Luis C. García-Naranjo, Juan C. Marrero Arxiv paper
Poincaré-Birkhoff theorems in random dynamics Álvaro Pelayo, Fraydoun Rezakhanlou Preprint paper
Year: 2012
Paper Authors Journal Pages Volume URL
The Picard Fuchs equations for complete hyperelliptic integrals of even order curves, and the actions of the generalized Neumann system Yuri Fedorov, Chara Pantazi preprint-arxiv paper
Curvature-dependent formalism, Schrödinger equation and energy levels for the harmonic oscillator on three-dimensional spherical and hyperbolic spaces José F. Cariñena, Manuel F. Rañada, Mariano Santander J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 45 paper
Lagrangian submanifolds in k-symplectic settings. M. de León, S. Vilariño: Preprint-arXiv paper
$k$-symplectic Pontryagin's Maximum Principle for some families of PDEs M. Barbero-Liñán, M. C. Muñoz-Lecanda ArXiv preprint paper
Classification of real three-dimensional Poisson-Lie groups Angel Ballesteros, Alfonso Blasco, Fabio Musso J. Phys. A: Math and Theor paper
A numerical algorithm for singular optimal LQ control systems M. Delgado-Tellez, A. Ibort preprint-arxiv paper
Holonomy transformations for singular foliations Iakovos Androulidakis, Marco Zambon preprint-arxiv paper
The quantum free particle on spherical and hyperbolic spaces: A curvature dependent approach II José F. Cariñena, Manuel F. Rañada, Mariano Santander J. Math. Phys 53 paper
Mixed superposition rules and the Riccati hierarchy Janusz Grabowski and Javier de Lucas Preprint-arXiv paper
Second order conditions for optimality and local controllability of discrete-time systems M. Barbero-Liñán, B. Jakubczyk ArXiv preprint paper
Optimal Control Realizations of Lagrangian Systems with Symmetry M. Delgado-Tellez, A. Ibort, T. Rodriguez de la Peña preprint-arxiv paper
A Note on the First Integrals of Vector Fields with Integrating Factors and Normalizers Jaume Llibre, Daniel Peralta-Salas preprint-arxiv paper
Hamiltonian dynamics and symplectic capacities Alvaro Pelayo, San Vu Ngoc ArXiv preprint paper
The Geometry of Integrable and Superintegrable Systems A. Ibort and G. Marmo Preprint-arXiv paper
Quantum Control and Representation Theory A. Ibort, J.M. Pérez-Pardo preprint-arxiv paper
Symplectic and Poisson geometry on b-manifolds Victor Guillemin, Eva Miranda, Ana Rita Pires preprint-arxiv paper
Optimal Control and higher-order mechanics for systems with symmetries Leonardo Colombo, Fernando Jimenez, David Martin de Diego ArXiv preprint paper
Discrete Variational Optimal Control Fernando Jimenez, Marin Kobilarov, David Martin de Diego Preprint-arXiv paper
Causality and the conformal boundary of AdS in real-time holography Alberto Enciso, Niky Kamran preprint-arxiv paper
Time-ordering and a generalized Magnus expansion Michel Bauer, Raphael Chetrite, Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard, Frederic Patras preprint-arxiv paper
Spectrum generating algebra for the continuous spectrum of a free particle in Lobachevski space M. Gadella, J. Negro, G.P. Pronko, M. Santander Preprint-arXiv paper
A Universal Hamilton-Jacobi Theory Manuel de León, David Martín de Diego, Miguel Vaquero ArXiv preprint paper
Routh reduction and the class of magnetic Lagrangian systems B. Langerock, E. García-Toraño Andrés, F. Cantrijn preprint-arxiv paper
Rigidity of Hamiltonian actions on Poisson manifolds Eva Miranda,Philippe Monnier and Nguyen Tien Zungb Advances in Mathematics 1136–1179 229 paper
Variational principles for higher-order dynamical systems N.Roman Roy- P.D Prieto Martínez Preprint-arXiv paper
Morse families in optimal control problems María Barbero-Liñán, David Iglesias Ponte, David Martín de Diego ArXiv preprint paper
Poly-Poisson structures D. Iglesias-Ponte, J.C. Marrero, M. Vaquero ArXiv preprint paper
Thermodynamics of spin chains of Haldane-Shastry type and one-dimensional vertex models. A. Enciso, F. Finkel, A. Gonzalez-Lopez: preprint-arxiv paper
Moduli spaces of toric manifolds Álvaro Pelayo, Ana Rita Pires, Tudor S. Ratiu, Silvia Sabatini ArXiv preprint paper
Reduction of symplectic principal $\mathbb{R}$-bundles Ignazio Lacirasella, Juan Carlos Marrero, Edith Padrón Preprint-arXiv paper
Geometrical description of algebraic structures: Applications to Quantum Mechanics José F. Cariñena, Alberto Ibort, Giuseppe Marmo, Giuseppe Morandi AIP Conference Proceedings Series 47--59 1130 paper
On Lie systems and Kummer-Schwarz equations J. de Lucas, C. Sardón ArXiv preprint paper
Lie systems: theory, generalisations and applications. J.F. Cariñena, J. de Lucas: preprint-arxiv paper
Log-concavity and symplectic flows Yi Lin, Álvaro Pelayo ArXiv preprint paper
Lie--Hamilton systems: theory and applications J.F. Cariñena, J. de Lucas, C. Sardón ArXiv preprint paper