Intensive Programme for Research in Geometrical Mechanics and Control Theory

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The Intensive Programme for Research (IPR) which is proposed here is based on three axis: Geometry, Mechanics and Control, with a clear interconnection. We intend to boost the research in several topics of these fields using different lines of action. The specific topics which we intend to deal with are detailed below. Some of them constitute novel research lines and some of the research groups which will participate in this programme want to incorporate these lines in order to become an international reference.

We would like to influence on the training of young people in emerging research lines, offering a rigorous and deep understanding in these topics and approaching them to the applications. On the other hand, it is our purpose to give a larger international visibility to the high-quality research done  by different Spanish groups, which have made important constributions to different open problems in the topics previously mentioned.


The Programme will be developed in a continuous way along 2008 in the facilities of ICMAT (Madrid) with timely actions at other Universities. These activities will consist in an opening Workshop on “Geometry, Mechanics and Control”, a Summer School with three advanced courses related to the topics of geometric reduction and its applications and Stochastic Mechanics, and an Iberoamerican Meeting on Geometric Mechanics and Control Theory. Moreover, along 2008, there will be thematic one-day meetings which will deal specific aspects in this area. In addition, there will be research visits of senior and junior researchers at ICMAT.

The topics in which we pretend to emphasize in this IPR are the following:

  • Geometric Integration
  • Geometric Control
  • Quantum computation
  • Classical Field Theory
  • Geometric Theory of Hamilton Jacobi
  • Simmetries and reduction in Mechanics from a geometric perspective and their applications
  • Stochastic Mechanics
  • Geometry and Integrability of mechanical systems
  • Geometry of mechanical systems with constraints

All of them are centered around the applications of different techniques coming from Differential Geometry to problems in Mechanics, Control Theory and Field Theory.

Activity Place/Dates Contact/Information
Special Session on Continuous and Discrete Geometric Mechanics Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña
Info Here
Jornada temática “Higher Symmetries in Physics and Geometry” Universidad Complutense de Madrid
First Iberoamerican Meeting on Geometry, Mechanics and Control Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña (Spain)
Info Here
Contact: gmcnetatull [dot] es (GMC network)
II International Summer School on Geometry, Mechanics, and Control La Palma, Canary Islands (Spain)
Info Here
Contact: gmcnetatull [dot] es (GMC network)
Jornada de Geometría Mecánica Dpt. de Matemática Aplicada
Universidad de La Laguna
Anormalidad en control óptimo
Seminario de Geometría, Mecánica y Control del ICMat
Serrano 113 bis, Madrid (Spain)
Hopf algebras in Physics
Seminario de Geometría, Mecánica y Control del ICMat
Serrano 121, Madrid (Spain)
Introduction to Dirac Geometry
Seminario de Geometría, Mecánica y Control del ICMat
Serrano 121, Madrid (Spain)
Sistemas Noholónomos Generalizados
Seminario de Geometría, Mecánica y Control del ICMat
Serrano 121, Madrid (Spain)
Jornada sobre la teoría de Hamilton-Jacobi Zaragoza
Info Here
Contact: emfatunizar [dot] es (Eduardo Martínez)
X Encuentro de Invierno de la Red de Geometría, Mecánica y Control Zaragoza
Info Here
Contact: emfatunizar [dot] es (Eduardo Martínez)


  • Marin Kobilarov (CalTech, USA)
    From 4th until 20th of December 2008.
  • Sebastián José Ferraro (Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina)
    From 2nd until 19th of December 2008.
  • Bronislaw Jakubczyk (Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)
    From 2nd until 7th of June 2008
  • Janusz Grabowski (Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)
    From 26th of May until 6th of June 2008
  • Edith Padrón and Juan Carlos Marrero (Universidad de La Laguna)
    From 12th until 16th of May 2008.
  • Paula Balseiro (Universidad Nacional de la Plata, Argentina)
    From 1st of February until 23th of December 2008.
  • María Barbero Liñán (Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña)
    From 31th of March until 13th of April 2008.