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New developments on the Geometric Nonholonomic Integrator, Sebastián Ferraro, Fernando Jiménez, David Martín de Diego

Examples of compact K-contact manifolds with no Sasakian metric, Beniamino Cappelletti-Montano, Antonio de Nicola, Juan Carlos Marrero, Ivan Yudin

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Year: 2010
Paper Authors Journal Pages Volume URL
Reduced classical field theories: k-cosymplectic formalism on Lie algebroids D. Martín de Diego, S. Vilariño Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 325204 43(32) paper
A Lie systems approach for the first passage-time of piecewise deterministic processes F. Avram, J.F. Cariñena, J. de Lucas in the book: Modern Trends of Controlled Stochastic Processes: Theory and Applications 144-160 paper
Lagrangians of a non-mechanical type for second order Riccati and Abel equation J.F. Cariñena, M.F. Rañada Mon. Acad. Cienc. Zaragoza 165–177 33 paper
Quasivelocities and Optimal Control for underactuated Mechanical Systems L. Colombo, D. Martín de Diego AIP Conf. Proc. 133-140 1260 paper
Lie families: theory and applications J.F. Cariñena, J. Grabowski, J. de Lucas J. Phys. A 305201 43 paper
k-symplectic and k-cosymplectic Lagrangian field theories: some interesting examples and applications M.C. Muñoz-Lecanda, M. Salgado, S. Vilariño International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics 669-692 7(4) paper
Star-product in the presence of a monopole J.F. Carinena, J.M. Gracia-Bondia, F. Lizzi, G. Marmo, P. Vitale Physics Letters A 3614-3618 35(2) paper
A note on the separability of canonical integrations of Lie algebroids D. Martínez Torres Math. Res. Lett 69-75 17(1) paper
Phase splitting for periodic Lie systems R. Flores, J. de Lucas, Y. Vorobiev J. Phys A. 205208 43 paper
Simulating Nonholonomic Dynamics M. Kobilarov, D. Martín de Diego, S. Ferraro Boletín de la Sociedad Española de Matemática Aplicada 61-81 50 paper
3D Riemannian and Lorentzian spaces of non-constant curvature and their superintegrable Hamiltonians from a quantum sl2 algebra, A. Ballesteros, A. Enciso, F.J. Herranz and O. Ragnisco Phys. At. Nuclei 255–263 73 paper
On the tomographic picture of quantum mechanics A. Ibort, V.I. Manko, G. Marmo, A. Simoni, F. Ventriglia Phys.Lett.A 2614-2617 374 paper
Systems approaches and algorithms for discovery of combinatorial therapeutics J. Feala, J. Cortés, P. Duxbury, C. Piermarocchi, A. McCulloch, G. Paternostro Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Systems Biology 181-193 2 (2) paper
Lie systems and integrability conditions for t-dependent frequency harmonics oscillators J.F. Cariñena, J. de Lucas, M.F. Rañada , Int. J. Geom. Methods Mod. Phys. 289-310 7 paper
Deployment algorithms for a power-constrained mobile sensor network A. Kwok, S. Martínez International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Contro 745–763 20(7) paper
Level density of spin chains of Haldane--Shastry type A. Enciso, F. Finkel and A. González-López Phys. Rev. E 051117 82 paper
Quantum fields on noncommutative spacetimes: theory and phenomenology A. P. Balachandran, A. Ibort, G. Marmo, M. Martone SIGMA 52 6 paper
Coverage optimization and spatial load balancing by robotic sensor networks J. Cortés IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 749-754 55 (3) paper
The hydrodynamic Chaplygin sleigh Y.N. Fedorov, L.C. García-Naranjo J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 434013 43 paper
On distributed convex optimization under inequality and equality constraints via primal-dual subgradient methods M. Zhu, S. Martínez IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control paper
Buy and hold strategies and comonotonic approximations J. Marín-Solano, O. Roch, J. Dhaene, C. Ribas, M. Bosch-Príncep and S. Vanduffel Belgian Actuarial Bulletin 17-28 9 paper
Time-Dependent Mechanics and Lagrangian Submanifolds of Presymplectic and Poisson Manifolds E.L Guzman, JC Marrero J Phys a: Math Theoret 505201 43 paper
Reduction of almost Poisson brackets and Hamiltonization of the Chaplygin sphere L.C. García-Naranjo Disc. and Cont. Dyn. Syst. Series S 37–60 3 (1) paper
Singular reduction of Dirac structures M. Jotz, T. Ratiu, J. Sniatycki Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 2967-3013 363 paper
Unicycle coverage control via hybrid modeling A. Kwok, S. Martínez IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 528-532 55(2) paper
Non-Constant Discounting in Differential Games with Random Duration J. Marín-Solano, E.V. Shevkoplyas Contributions to Game Theory and Management 267-279 3 paper
Curvature of almost quaternion-Hermitian Manifolds F. Martín Cabrera, A. Swann Forum Mathematicum 21-52 22 paper
Homogeneous structures on real and complex hyperbolic spaces M. Castrillón López, P.M. Gadea, A. Swann Illinois Journal of Mathematics 561-574 53 (2) paper
Discrete-time dynamic average consensus M. Zhu, S. Martínez Automatica 322-329 46 (2) paper
Consumption and Portfolio Rules for Time-Inconsistent Investors J. Marín-Solano, J. Navas European Journal of Operational Research 860-872 201(3) paper
Linear almost poisson structures and Hamilton-Jacobi equation. Applications to nonholonomic mechanics M de León, JC Marrero, D Martín de Diego Journal of Geometrics mechanics 159 -198 2 paper
Total Curvature of Curves in Riemannian Manifolds M. Castrillón López, V. Fernández, J. Muñoz Masqué Diff. Geom. Appl 140-147 28 paper
Distributed interpolation schemes for field estimation by mobile sensor networks S. Martínez IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 491-500 18 (2) paper
Hamiltonian Mechanical Systems on Lie Algebroids, Unimodularity and Preservation Of Volumes JC Marrero Journal of Geometric Mechanics 243-263 2 paper
The canonical eight form on manifolds with holonomy group Spin(9) M. Castrillón López, P.M. Gadea, I. Mykytyuk Int. J. Geom. Methods in Modern Physics 1159-1183. 7(7) paper
Geometric quantization of integrable systems with hyperbolic singularities M. Hamilton, E. Miranda Annales de l´Institut Fourier 51-85 60 paper
A Unified Framework for Mechanics. Hamilton-Jacobi Equation and Applications P Balseiro, JC Marrero, D Martín de Diego, E Padrón Nonlinearity 1887- 1918 23 paper
Hamilton-Jacobi theory in K-Symplectic field theories M de León, JC Marrero, D Martín de Diego, M Salgado, S Vilariño Int J. Geom. Meth. Mod. Phys 1491 -1507 7 paper
Routh reduction for singular Lagrangians M. Castrillón López, B. Langerock Int. J. Geom. Methods in Modern Physics 1451-1489 7(8) paper
Variational constrained mechanics on Lie affgebroids J. C. Marrero, D. Martín de Diego, D. Sosa Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series S 105 - 128 1(3) paper
Three-dimensional gravity and Drinfel'd doubles: spacetimes and symmetries from quantum deformations Angel Ballesteros, Francisco J. Herranz, Catherine Meusburger Physics Letters B paper
A new exactly solvable quantum model in N dimensions Angel Ballesteros, Alberto Enciso, Francisco J. Herranz, Orlando Ragnisco, Danilo Riglioni Physics Letters A paper
A geometric approach to the Gibbs-Appell equations in Lagrangian mechanics J. F. Cariñena and J. Fernández-Núñez J. Math. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 505205 43 paper
Reduction of Dirac structures along isotropic subbundles I. Calvo. F. Falceto, Reports on Mathematical Physics 259-269 65 (2) paper
Motion of charged particles in magnetic fields created by symmetric configurations of wires J. Aguirre, A. Luque, D. Peralta Phys. D 654-675 239 paper
On two superintegrable nonlinear oscillators in N dimensions Angel Ballesteros, Alberto Enciso, Francisco J. Herranz, Orlando Ragnisco, Danilo Riglioni preprint-arxiv paper
Higher Lie algebra actions on Lie algebroids M. Zambon- Chenchang Zhu Preprint paper
On Jacobi quasi-Nijenhuis algebroids and Courant-Jacobi algebroid morphisms R. Caseiro, A. De Nicola, J. M. Nunes da Costa J. Geom. and Phys 951-961 60 paper
High-order sufficient conditions for configuration tracking of affine connection control systems M. Barbero Liñán, M. Sigalotti System Control Lett. 491-503 59(8) paper
On Jacobi quasi-Nijenhuis algebroids and Courant-Jacobi algebroid morphisms R. Caseiro, A. De Nicola, J. Nunes J. Geom. and Phys. 951-961 60 paper
Year: 2009
Paper Authors Journal Pages Volume URL
A catalog of inverse-kinematics planners for underactuated systems on matrix groups S. Martínez, J. Cortés, F. Bullo Journal of Geometric Mechanics 445-460 1 (4) paper
Global and robust formation-shape stabilization of relative sensing networks J. Cortés Automatica 2754-2762 45 (12)
Year: 2008
Paper Authors Journal Pages Volume URL
K-symplectic formalism on Lie algebroids. M. de León, D. Martín de Diego, M. Salgado, S. Vilariño J. Phys. A: Math and Theor 42 paper
Nonholonomic constraints in k-symplectic classical field theories. M. de León, D. Martín de Diego, M. Salgado, S. Vilariño. I.J. Geom. Methods Mod. Phys 799-830. 5 paper
An extension of the Marsden-Ratiu reduction for Poisson manifolds Marco Zambon Letters in Mathematical Physics 203-219 85 paper
Year: 2007
Paper Authors Journal Pages Volume URL
N. Román-Roy, M. Salgado, S. Vilariño N. Román-Roy, M. Salgado, S. Vilariño. Rev. Math. Phys. 1117-1147. 19 paper
Year: 2005
Paper Authors Journal Pages Volume URL
Nonstandard connections in k-cosymplectic field theory. M. Muñoz-Lecanda, M. Salgado, S. Vilariño. J. Math. Phys 46 paper