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Seminario Vidal Abascal: Subvariedades lagrangianas en geometría multisimpléctica y geometría k-simpléctica 10/04/2012 10/04/2012 Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Aula 7 da Facultade de Matemáticas
Seminario de Mecánica Geométrica: "Geometric structures in second-order field theories" 10/04/2013 10/04/2013 Sala Naranja (ICMAT, Campus de Cantoblanco)
Seminar on Geometric Mechanics: Variational Integration and Optimal Control: Theory and Applications 22/02/2012 22/02/2012 ICMAT, Madrid, Spain
Seminar on Geometric Mechanics: Stochastic Optimization of Dynamical Systems 21/02/2012 21/02/2012 ICMAT, Madrid, Spain
Second Iberoamerican Meeting on Geometry, Mechanics and Control, in honor of Hernán Cendra 10/01/2011 14/01/2011 Bariloche, Argentina
Recent Geometric Techniques in Mechanics and Applications (special session at the First French-Spanish Congress of Mathematics) 09/07/2007 10/07/2007 Zaragoza (Spain) Web
Miniworkshop Geometric Mechanics 16/04/2012 18/04/2012 Department of Fundamental Mathematics, University of La Laguna
Minicourse: Topology of foliations and laminations 22/04/2013 25/04/2013 Aula Gris 1, ICMAT, Campus de Cantoblanco (Madrid)
Minicourse: Teoría multisimpléctica de campos 26/05/2009 29/05/2009 Depto. de Matemática Fundamental, Universidad de La Laguna Web
Minicourse: Teoria de la Reducción 10/03/2011 31/03/2011 Aula 102 , FME, Barcelona, Spain Web